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Insurance - Special Offer
Common 'Issues' with Insurance
Prevention is Better Than a Cure
Reduce Your Insurance Premiums


Cyclone Season
Insurance Issues
Insurance Special Offers
Reduce Insurance Costs
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My Blog

Insurance - Special Offer

See This Months Special Offers - Each Insurance Policy you transfer to CBIS, you will receive a$20 Gift Voucher of your Choice.
" Insurance doesn't have to be complicated"
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Common 'Issues' with Insurance

The most common issues that people complain about with insurance is;
- My insurance has doubled, but i have made little or no claims
Due to the all the natural disasters which have occurred in the past few years, this has casued major increases to our insurance premiums. Adding to this is the increase of Accidental Damage Claims, that are probably really 'wear and tear '. Talking to middle age people, most of them have mad little or no claims, however talking to people in their 20's - 30's, their attitude towards insurance is that they try to claim everything they can, "because that's why we pay insurance isn't it?

Prevention is Better Than a Cure

Cyclone Season is here! 
Prevention is better than a cure, clean up your yards, trim your trees/vegetation.
Review your Insurance Policies:
Check your Sums Insured are adequate?
Does your Policy cover you for flood?
Stock up on Water,  Food Supplies, Batteries, Torches, Radio and replenish your First Aid Kit.
Make sure you have a secure area for your pets during a cyclone or storm.

Reduce Your Insurance Premiums

Has your Insurance Policy doubled in price? Want to know how you can decrease your premium?